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Apr 22, 2013 9:00pm PDT
, thank you for joining me. >> any time. thank you. >> now to julian pollard. you were a boxer and roomed with tamerlan during tournament. what was he like? >> well, during that trip, i noticed tamerlan was a bit after flashy guy. sharp dresser. confident in his abilities as a boxer. >> he was good boxer? >> he was. he had some skills. he had some punching power. good hand speed. he won a couple fights in lowell. he lost in nationals. but to make it to nationals, is a good accomplishment. >> he ended up quitting boxing and i believe that you are under the understanding, because he couldn't represent the united states. is that right? >> for some reason in the second tournament, golden gloves, we couldn't travel with the team. i thought it was because he couldn't represent the united states, but i can't say for sure. >> did he ever talk to you about religion or politics? >> he was definitely big -- the second year i met him, he talked a lot about his faith. just seemed to really be more about what he was about, his character. he spoke to his faith to me many times. the times i saw hum the s
Apr 27, 2013 11:00pm PDT
fellow boxer julian pollard roomed with tamerlan during the tournament. he remembers his swagger and sense of style. >> he stood out. the perception i got was flashy, confident, maybe cocky. i guess he backed it up in the ring. you know, he could fight. he could punch. he could put a guy out. when the time was right, if he had a big punch in him and the opening was there, he could finish a guy. >> reporter: that ferocity apparently carried over outside the boxing ring. he was arrested that same year for slapping his girlfriend in the face during a fight over another woman. the following year, 2010, he married katherine russell, a suffolk university student he met in a nightclub and had dated on and off for several years. she converted to islam. pollard saw him again that year at another boxing tournament in lowell, massachusetts, but he didn't seem the same. >> in 2009, just a flashier guy, sharp dresser, like kind of carried himself with a lot of confidence, and then the next year seemed like a humbler guy, dressed a lot more conservative, kind of had like -- came to the fight a
Apr 22, 2013 6:00pm PDT
dartmouth and he knows dzhokhar well, and julian pollard, tamerlan's sparring partner in a boxing gym. let me start with you, austin hightower. so many of dzhokhar's friends have been saying in the last week they cannot understand what on earth happened to make him do this, that he was a good guy, a friendly guy, a normal guy. you've heard all this all week. there must have been some sign to some of his friends surely that something wasn't quite right. >> mr. morgan, the only thing i can think of is we had a conversation probably two months ago or something in the dining hall, and he looked a bit detached from when i had seen him before, probably a week or two before that. he looked a bit sadder. i can't really think of why that may be. perhaps it's because of his friends, they didn't come back second semester and so i saw him a lot less, but i know that he was a bit more detached from reality when i saw him not too long ago. >> you lived in the dorm building next to his. you actually helped him move in in his freshman year. what was he like in those early days? >> he was nice, funny. i ha
Apr 24, 2013 8:00pm PDT
area. >> when i met him in 2009, he was -- >> he was a gifted boxer, and he and julian pollard became friends. >> flashy guy, confident guy, and the guy was humbled and talked to me about his faith. >> the fbi was told in 2011 by the russian government that tamerlan was a follower of radical islam and a strong believer who was planning to travel to russia and join unspecified underground groups, the fbi opened up a case file on tamerlan. >> they looked into u.s. internal terrorism databases and found nothing. and they looked at whether he was in touch with suspected terrorists that were in the databases, and found nothing. and then they decided to interview him and members of his family in cambridge. and came away thinking we got nothing on this guy. so the fbi says they went back to the russians and said we're coming up empty, what more do you have? and they said the russians never responded. so in essence, the case was closed. >> in 2012, tamerlan traveled to the russian republic of dagestan for six months, investigators are scrutinizing tamerlan's time abroad to see if he linked up
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)